Japan – Spain Dance Project @SuperDeluxe 12.15.2018
Thank you, love you, see you soon! SuperDeluxe Closing Celebration

7 Short Film Screening reflect the idea of body and topography


3 solo dances


TÓPOS working progress show
“Dancing with the wandering spirits”

Choreograph: PAU ARAN GIMENO
Concept and visual: JUNYA ISHII
Sound Design: NORIKO OKAKU

VenueSuperDeluxe, Tokyo
December 15th, Saturday

Door open 18:00 Film Screen start 18:45
Dance Performance start 19:45
Ticket: adv.2800yen + 1 drink / door 3300yen + 1 drink

Ticket reservation: Super Deluxe, Tokyo

or write an email to   contact@toposdance.info
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Close on 13th December

Map / SuperDeluxe:
B1F 3-1-25 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan



Part 1. 19:00 –

Short Film Screening reflect the idea of body and topography

“The Interpreter” by Noriko Okaku (UK. Derby)

“Horizon”by Daniel Szandtner, Dance: Junya Ishii (Hungary / Hortobagy National Park)

“Erosion”Dance: Junya Ishii (Spain / Bardenas Reales)

“Etude 5”Dance: Pau Aran Gimeno (Italy, La Luna Dance Center)

“KOFA , Korean Film Archive Trailer” by Kim Jong-Kwan (Korea)

“Soramimi” Daisy Dickinson & Julia Laird (Japan / Kanazawa, Nagano, and Yakushima Island)

“Across the water” by Nao Yoshigai, Dance: Kaho Kogure (Japan, Lake Shikotsu)


Part 2.  20:00-

Solo dances x 3

Kaho Kogure(Japan) / Pau Aran Gimeno(Spain) / Junya Ishii(Japan)


Part 3. 21:00-

TÓPOS working progress show “Dancing with the wandering spirits”

Choreograph: Pau Aran Gimeno

Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii

Concept and visual: Junya Ishii

Sound Design: Noriko Okaku

Light design: Michinari Marui

Photograph: Mika Kitamura



Where do we come from?  Where are we going?

We are pleased to announce that Japan Spain dance Project TÓPOS is going to present an event at SuperDeluxe Tokyo on December 15th (Sat). TÓPOS is an ongoing contemporary dance project which started with a Japanese dancer, actor JUNYA ISHII and a Spanish / Catalan dancer, choreographer PAU ARAN GIMENO, and a Japanese London based visual artist NORIKO OKAKU in Barcelona in 2017. Following by the new engagement of a Japanese dancer Kaho Kogure based in Tokyo, TÓPOS took a further step and started creation with 3 dancers at The Saison Morishita Studio with support by The Saison Foundation, AIR artist residency program. In October, TÓPOS presented working progress show at UPLINK SHIBUYA in Tokyo, Kyoto Experiment Fringe, and KIITO Kobe. 

For this special night in SuperDeluxe,3 dancers – Kaho Kogure, Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii – who came from the different background will present solo dance pieces, then perform TÓPOS working progress show “Wandering spirits”, choreographed by Pau Aran Gimeno, conception by Junya Ishii, music by Noriko Okaku. 

In addition, for this special night in SuperDeluxe, cutting edge shorts films, which related to the issue of body and topography such as “Across the water” by Nao Yoshigai, and an animation “The Interpreter” by Noriko Okaku will be screened, before the dance performances start.




photo: Mika Kitamura



TÓPOS working progress show
“Dancing with the wandering spirits”

“The journey makes everyone embrace the feeling of drift, more or less. The liberation is wandering, and escape is also wandering. There is a sentiment of traveling there.”
Notes on life / About traveling” by Kiyoshi Miki (Japanese philosopher from The Kyoto School)

“From where to where? That’s the fundamental issue of life. Where do we come from?  Where are we going to? That’s the fundamental hint of the life.”  Notes on life by Kiyoshi Miki (Japanese philosopher from The Kyoto School)

2017 in Barcelona. Ishii and Gimeno made conversation about dream, hope, and despair. Ishii researched the simple line and consciousness through the paintings of Joan Miro and objects made by Antoni Tàpies. He met an university student who researched the link of the philosophy between Kitaro Nishida. 

In 2018, Gimeno has been traveling around the world with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, and met Kogure who has been dancing independently in Tokyo. In September, 3 dancers began to collaborate at The Saison Morishita Studio. Gimeno took note precisely to collect the essence from the dialogue he had with Ishii. One day, Gimeno threw the keywords to the dancers from the note, such as “Struggle”, “Happiness, anger, sadness, ease”,  “Ambivalence”, “Emotional scars”, “Water” and “Garden”… 

Noriko Okaku is a London based Japanese artist, who has been writing letters to Ishii since 2017. It is to report her new awareness of everyday life from a Japanese person living in Europe point of view. Her interest is to witness where is Topos project leading us to. 

“Dancing with the wandering spirits” is a short piece choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno. Kaho Kogure and Junya Ishii will interpret the sceneries, which emerged like automatism. Okaku recomposes the sound from TÓPOS work in progress from 15th September, Uplink Tokyo. 


photo: Mika Kitamura

TÓPOS  (Dancers: Junya Ishii, Kaho Kogure, Pau Aran Gimeno, from left to right)

TÓPOS is a Japan-Spain international contemporary dance project which the artists share the process for imagining a positive future to create the place where the energy generated. The artists from different backgrounds from Asia and Europe are going to discover together to create dialogue, and find the way to live together to seek “common sense” in this unclear contemporary age. TÓPOS is an ongoing work-in-progress project started in Barcelona with Junya Ishii, Pau Aran Gimeno and Noriko Okaku in 2017, then Kaho Kogure enrolled to this project in Tokyo in 2018. TÓPOS seek the possibility to create new body language and movement, which is “flow” and constant changing from inside to outside. The project has been growing like the rhizome. TÓPOS takes further step collaborating with The Saison Foundation and Casa Asia and supported by The Spanish Embassy in Japan and the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.

twitter.com/DanceTopos    (Only Japanese)


Japan Spain Dance project TÓPOS
Cooperation:  THE SAISON FOUNDATION, Incline LLP, Colectivo La Perdición、CASA ASIA
Supported by The Spanish Embassy in Japan and the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.



Dancer and actor, currently based in Tokyo. Junya Ishii was born in Japan in 1983 and grew up in Mexico and Canada. He has been working across the fields of dance, theatre and film. His interest is to discover the state of consciousness and unconsciousness, state of being through the body and its perception. In 2009, he began working for Regional Creative Atelier Josef Nadj, Kanjiza, Serbia to dance for the pieces choreographed by Josef Nadj. As an actor, he works as leading role for “2045 Carnival Folklore” directed by Naoki Kato, which was premiered at Seattle International Film Festival in 2015, then started independent distribution company PLATAUX to organize the projects, such as “2045 Carnival Folklore live screening tour” in Europe. In 2017, he received a grant by Agency of cultural affairs, government of Japan “Program of Overseas Studies for upcoming artist” to study International relations at Casa Asia in Barcelona and to study Antoni Tapies’s works and Joan Miro’s works then produce TÓPOS.  He believes in instinct, and have been practicing to write what he watched and thought. His dance is an extension of this self-practice.




Pau was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1981. He began his professional path to dance through ballroom dancing where he reached international competition level in ten different styles. This led him to study dance in Barcelona, and at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid where his interest began with the classical ballet form and developed towards an interest in contemporary dance and contact improvisation. Following his studies, he continued to explore the form of dance in France and Germany before becoming a permanent performing member of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch in 2005. In addition to performing with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Pau currently teaches, conducts workshops, and participates in various artistic projects in Germany and abroad. His goal is to further develop his own movement language which he has been nurturing the last years in Germany, and to continue to reflect upon the ideas, inspirations, and influences from his colleagues, artists, and the masters that cross his path.



Kaho Kogure is a dancer and choreographer born in 1989., Her dance embraces “meguru-meguru mono”
it means “everything that comes around, goes and connects from one to another”. She has performed with Akira Kasai and among other numerous choreographers and dance groups. She also has joined tours internationally to Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and Lithuania. She started her career as a solo dancer after graduating from Japan College of Woman’s Physical Education. She has been choreographing and developing her repertoire such as ‘Namida no kyutai’ first solo work in 2012
‘Haruka Erice’ in 2013, ‘MIMOSA’ and ‘Utopia’ in 2015. Her solo work has been expanded widely. She performs not only for theatre projects but also for films music videos and collaborations with musicians at their live show.
She won the 2012 Session Best prize 2015. Yokohama Dance Collection EX2015 competition Rendition 1 Encouragement Prize and New Face Award of Contemporary Dance section from EI SUR Foundation 2017.



photo: Miki Takehira

Born in Japan. Work/Live in London Noriko Okaku produces work in animated video, drawing, sculpture and audio/visual live performance. Her work in various media often retains a collage art element. She borrows, adopts, copies and recycles existing images to explore the diverse avenues of perception. Her work explores the eclecticism and mystery/strangeness underlying everyday objects and actions.


Detail of films and artists:
http://toposdance.info/en/spdxfilm-en/ ‎

“Across the water” Film by Nao Yoshigai, Dance: Kaho Kogure (2017 | 08:53 | Japan, Lake Shikotsu)
“The Interpreter” Film by Noriko Okaku (2015 | 06:29 | UK. Derby)
“Horizon” Film by Daniel Szandtner, Dance: Junya Ishii
 (2008-2018 | 06:20 | Hungary, Hortobagy National Park)
“Erosion” Dance: Junya Ishii (2017 | 05:25 | Spain, Bardenas Reales)
“Soramimi” Film by Daisy Dickinson & Julia Laird (2017 | 03:33 | UK. Japan)
“KOFA (Korean Film Archive) Trailer” Film by Kim Jong-Kwan (2017: 01:33 | Korea)
“Étude 5” Pau Aran Gimeno (2017 | 08:12 | Italy, La Luna Dance Center)



Japan Spain Dance Project TÓPOS

Junya Ishii, Pau Aran Gimeno@Barcelona July 2017.


Noriko Okaku, Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii@Granda Alhambra, Spain June 2017


Kaho Kogure, Pau Aran Gimeno @Kamakura, Japan. September 2018


Study International relationship and art at Casa Asia Barcelona, with support by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.


Sep 12-22
Artist Residence at The Saison Foundation / @Saison Morishita Studio, Tokyo. (Japan)
Pau Aran Gimeno

 @Saison Morishita Studio, Tokyo.
“Barcelona Story and Tokyo Story, Public Talk session for the new creation”
Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii, Kaho Kogure

Sep 22@Saison Morishita Studio, Tokyo.
TÓPOS movement workshop with Kaho Kogure, Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii (2hours x 3)Sep15-17

Sep 15-17 Pau Aran Gimeno, special open class at Architanz Tokyo. Organized by Archtanz Tokyo.

Oct15 @ UPLINK Shibuya (Japan)
TÓPOS Working progress show
Choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno, Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii, Concept: Junya Ishii      http://www.uplink.co.jp/event/2018/52057

Oct 24th @ Ningenza Studio, Kyoto Experiment Fringe (Japan)
TÓPOS Working progress show
Choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno, Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii, Concept: Junya Ishii

Oct 25th @Kobe Design Creative Center KIITO (Japan)
TÓPOS Working progress show
Choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno, Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii, Concept: Junya Ishii http://kiito.jp/schedule/rental/articles/29830/

Dec 15th @SUPERDELUXE, Tokyo (Japan)
Film Screening + 3 solo dance + TÓPOS Working progress show
Solo dance: Kaho Kogure, Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii
TÓPOS Working progress show “Dancing with the wandering spirits”
Choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno, Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii, Concept and visual: Junya Ishii
, Sound: Noriko Okaku


February 9th, 10th.

TÓPOS full version premier at YCC, TPAM, Performing arts meeting in Yokohama (Japan)


Japan Spain Dance project TÓPOS – The Saison Foundation(Japan)

Japan Spain Dance project TÓPOS NeoL Magazine(Japan)

Pau Aran Gimeno, Junya Ishii, Kaho Kogure Talk and workshop Stage Natalie Magazine (Japan)