Topos | Junya Ishii, Pau Aran Gimeno, Kaho Kogure, Noriko Okaku 

Notes On Life  -dance performance-
Choreograph: Pau Aran Gimeno
Interpret: Kaho Kogure, Junya Ishii
Sound Design: Noriko Okaku
Concept, Visual, Produce: Junya Ishii

FEB 10th(Sun) 20:00
FEB 11th(Mon) 15:00

Venue: YCC Yokohama Creativecity Center 3F
6-50-1 Honcho Naka-ku Yokohama 231-8315 Japan Google Map
■Minato Mirai Line, Bashamichi Station, Exit 1b Connected directly to the Noge/Sakuragicho exit (Island Tower passage)
■Five minutes’ walk from JR and subway Sakuragicho Station
■Seven minutes from Kannai Station


“From where to where? That’s the fundamental issue of life. Where do we come from? Where are we going to? That’s the fundamental hint of the life.” Notes On Life by Kiyoshi Miki (Japanese philosopher from The Kyoto School)

2017 in Barcelona. Ishii and Gimeno made conversation about dream, hope, and despair. Ishii researched the simple line and consciousness through the paintings of Joan Miro and objects made by Antoni Tàpies. He met an university student who researched the link of the philosophy between Kitaro Nishida. In 2018, Gimeno has been traveling around the world with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, and met Kogure who has been dancing independently in Tokyo. In September, 3 dancers began to collaborate at The Saison Morishita Studio. Gimeno took note precisely to collect the essence from the dialogue he had with Ishii. One day, Gimeno threw the keywords to the dancers from the note, such as “Struggle”, “Happiness, anger, sadness, ease”, “Ambivalence”, “Emotional scars”, “Water” and “Garden”… Noriko Okaku is a London based Japanese artist, who has been writing letters to Ishii since 2017. It is to report her new awareness of everyday life from a Japanese person living in Europe point of view. Her interest is to witness where is Topos project leading us to.

“Notes On Life” is a short piece choreograph by Pau Aran Gimeno. Kaho Kogure and Junya Ishii will interpret the sceneries, which emerged like automatism.



Photographs provided by Mika Kitamura, Light Design: michinari
TÓPOS performance at SuperDeluxe Tokyo. 2018.12.15



TÓPOS is a Japan-Spain international contemporary dance project which the artists share the process for imagining a positive future to create the place where the energy generated. The artists from different backgrounds from Asia and Europe are going to discover together to create dialogue, and find the way to live together to seek “common sense” in this unclear contemporary age. TÓPOS is an ongoing work-in-progress project started in Barcelona with Junya Ishii, Pau Aran Gimeno and Noriko Okaku in 2017, then Kaho Kogure enrolled to this project in Tokyo in 2018. TÓPOS seek the possibility to create new body language and movement, which is “flow” and constant changing from inside to outside. The project has been growing like the rhizome. TÓPOS takes further step collaborating with The Saison Foundation and Casa Asia and supported by The Spanish Embassy in Japan and the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.


Japan Spain Dance project TÓPOS
Organized by TÓPOS Dance / PLATAUX
Cooperation:  The Saison Foundation, Incline LLP, Colectivo La Perdición, Casa Asia
Supported by Embassy of Spain in Japan and the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.